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Real Estate Marketing: 50 Simple Things Any Realtor can Blog to Become the Authority



Why blog for real estate marketing? 

There is plenty of information out there on this topic.

Let me give you one simple and most important reason.

You can’t deny the fact that every business needs quality traffic to convert visitors into sales. To get traffic from search engines such as Google it is so important to produce good quality content regularly.

Plenty of people don’t know that Google ranks every single page on your website or blog post individually not just your home page.

For example, if you have a 10 page website you basically have 10 chances in Google that your prospects will find you using different keywords. 

Similarly if you have 100 pages on your website or blog you have 100 chances.

So, do you want a 10 page website or 100? 

If you want 100 page website then what is the solution and how can you have one?

Answer is blogging. Because every new blog post you publish increases one more chance that your prospects will find you in the search engines.

Don’t know what to blog?

No worries, please find below the 50 ideas you can blog easily as a Realtor.

Enjoy and feel free to ask any question you may have in the comments section below.

Buyers & Sellers

  • What questions sellers and buyers ask frequently, ideally you should have a separate blog post to answer each of those questions
  • X number of things sellers can do before putting the house for sale (Show your customer’s that you know what you are talking about)
  • You can write step by step house buying guide for the first time buyers
  • Your best tips for negotiating
  • Share what other services you provide to help your buyers and sellers
  • Different ways home buyers can arrange finance
  • Is there a best time of the year to put your house on the market for sale
  • Your personal recipe to sell the house on asking price
  • x things sellers can do to sell their houses fast
  • Share some of the new ways you market your listings
  • Jot down questions and concerns when you are dealing with customers and answer them by creating a blog post
  • Write a detailed review for one of your feature property
  • You can tell your buyers and sellers the step by step process of working with you
  • Create a video tour of your listings
  • Top ten tips to find better finance deals
  • How to reduce the cost of buying or selling a house
  • You work with other professionals such as attorneys, loan officers etc, share with your customers why you prefer some one
  • Interview your contractors let them prove why they are the best for the job
  • Why your service is better than your competitors?
  • Educate your prospects about your different products and services
  • How do you handle customer complains
  • Do a office video tour, let your customers connect with you on a more deeper level
  • Share how your real estate marketing approach is different and it works
  • Where home owners should spend their money to improve the value of their asset
  • Share top 10 list of resources to help your tribe
  • Educate your prospects on how to use different resources on your websites such as calculators, property search functions etc.
  • Encourage your customers to ask questions
  • Record a Q & A session with your client
  • Best way to contact with you


  • Top 10 tips on buying property to let
  • Favorite areas for investing in rental properties
  • How to prepare a property before putting it on the market to rent
  • How much rental home owners can expect in the different parts of the area you cover
  • Important things renters need to know before renting a property

News & Reviews

  • Do you read industry news? Jot down 3 to 5 hot news and bundle into a blog post, show your customers that you are up to date with the industry changes.
  • Did you find a news you have a different point of view? Share your own point of view using the power of blogging
  • What do you like about your local area? Create some pictures and write the description
  • Do you support a cause or charity? Write a post and tell people why you care.
  • Write reviews for different parts of the area you cover
  • Monthly review of your local area house prices (Become a source of information for locals)
  • Pick a local news and write your thoughts
  • Do you go to local events? Take some photos and show to your customers your social side too
  • Do a photo walk around your area
  • Share your predictions about the housing market
  • Collect testimonials
  • Share your team and their achievements
  • Share a case study (One of the best way of real estate marketing to connect with your prospects)
  • Write an industry report on a current topic
  • Review services of your contractors
  • Do a comparison chart of your different product and services related to your community

Bonus Tip!

You should become really good at “listening” to come up with your own never ending ideas to blog about.

As a Realtor you must be a really good listener anyway.

I hope these 50 ideas will help you in your real estate marketing and I am sure you can add at least one idea in the comments below. 

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Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission (at no extra cost to you). Resources I have shared with you because I think these are helpful and I trust the companies not because of the commission I will get. Please do not spend money unless you understand the products and feel that can help you to achieve your social media marketing goals.

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  1. Rana, this is a beast of a list. Very detailed. I think the best part about the list itself is that each item is an item of QUALITY. It offers value and perspective to your prospects and buyers, and that cannot be beat in this market.

  2. Yes, one hell of a list. And something many a non-realtor would do well to read. When it comes down to it, most of these tips are about giving good customer service and being aware of your market!

    • You are right Mike, this is the whole point about writing about these things to show your prospects that you know what you do.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  3. Good stuff Rana!

    I think that a similar kind of list should be created to other groups out there (not just real estate).

    I feel that many businesses are still not getting the power of blogging (they are trying to figure out if they need a blog in the first place) and providing this kind of list of ideas would definitely open their eyes.

    Too many times a blog is seen as a mandatory “thing” to have (without really understanding it’s value).


    • Having a list of ideas to blog really helps. Easiest way to create a list of ideas for any industry is to just make a list of frequently asked questions by your customers and try to explain it as simple as possible. Clarity is the key.

      Thank you Timo for your sharing your thoughts :-)

  4. Yes, I have to second Mike’s point that this content is valuable for many people who aren’t in the real estate space. An editorial calendar will be filled for weeks with a list like this!

    I also really liked the 10/100 description you opened with, to clarify why blogging is valuable from an SEO perspective. You made it very clear and simple. Great job, Rana!

  5. What a great post Rana! Starting a blog is such a great resource for anyone with a business, not just from the SEO perspective, but because it also helps you to establish yourself as an expert.

    It seems like, for a while there, tons of people were going into real estate & starting their own businesses even though they didn’t have much experience or had never worked under anyone before. They were everywhere!

    If I were looking for a home & were browsing through local real estate websites for my area, someone with a blog would really stand out. I’d feel like they were serious about their business because they were actually trying to teach me helpful things that would make choosing or caring for a home easier for me. I’d also trust them more & view them as an expert because I’d have a glimpse of their knowledge of real estate topics. All of that would be good reason for me to go with them when looking for a new home.

    Great info & great tips! Thanks!

    • There is so much you can write about real estate because buying a house is one of the biggest transaction most people do in life.

      Blog is one of the best way to provide all the answers any buyer or seller possible can have.

      Thank you Meagan for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  6. Rana,

    I recently gave a presentation to a group of Realtors on the importance of Blogging. In that presentation I explained to them that Internet was BUILT for Realtors because of how powerfully they could leverage the Visual nature of Real Estate through different forms of media.

    Great post.

    Ryan H.

  7. Excellent post, Rana.

    I love seeing how blogging is spreading to so many other industries. Black’s Photography has a blog, Coca-Cola has a blog, Ryan does insurance, and now I see this :)

    I love it, and I agree with Jason, very quality items :) Keep rockin’.

    Here’s a question: What industry is least likely to blog?

    • Thank you Jason for sharing your thoughts and I am glad you find this post useful, there is no doubt that blogging can be a really powerful tool for wide range of industries.

      Regarding what industry is least likely to blog, may be politicians? :-)

  8. Rana,

    I think this kind of resource is invaluable for people in different industries who want to blog for business. I think your rationale for why realtors should blog makes a lot of sense as well. Nice work!

  9. These ideas are great! Potential buyers that don’t currently live in your area really need your help in getting to know the area, and that’s where your blog can help them. Write an in depth article about one of the local residential communities, complete with photos and video.

  10. Hello Rana thanks so much for sharing this post my friend good stuff

  11. The title totally drew me in. Anytime the list is larger than 10 you know someone actually took some time to write the blog post. …and tons of great ideas here for creating content.


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